Friday, February 09, 2007

It's a Christmas February.

Christmas in February, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Alright nobody loves Christmas more than I do...ok I don't exactly celebrate Christmas but I appreciate its cultural significance. I just want to preface this with the fact that I am not a hater.

Ok, first of all it is a very blurry picture because it was freezing out when I took the picture. Oh yes, that's right this Christmas tree is an outdoor Christmas tree. At any rate it was freezing outside and my hand was shaking a bit, also I have to tell you it is a bit uncomfortable photographing people's houses in the middle of the night walking home from the metro.

Ok, enough of the backstory. I support the celebration of the holiday and I can even understand being so excited that you want to put a tree on your front lawn but what I'm having a bit of difficulty with is the fact that it is still there in February, for Christ's sake. Uh, oh that may have been a poor choice of words, and for that I apologize. I think we have to live in the now. Christmas is over, it was great, we got lots of presents, many of us saw our families but I think it may be time to move on.


Ed said...

Christmas in spring is as old-school DC as astro-turf on the front porch, Prince! A few years ago when my partner and I were looking for houses here in Petworth I remember going to look at a house on the market that still had bows and a plastic Santa face ( a black Santa face- where can I get one of those, please!) decorating the front porch--- it was September. Since moving to the neighborhood 3 years ago in April I've been walking by a house between my place and the metro that has been celebrating Christmas non-stop since who knows when!

Anonymous said...

If you go back to the origins of the holiday, the evergreen tree is a symbol of continuing life and hope in the dark of winter. You've got to stop thinking about that baby, for C-----'s sake! One year I re-decorated my tree with Feb. hearts and then Mar. shamrocks (okay, it was a long winter...). But that's the point; be happy those neighbors haven't just turned off all the lights and gone into hibernation.

bogfrog said...

Echoes of your anti-Dungy post. I like the blurry special effects, though!

Prince of Petworth said...

I didn't mean that post to be anti-Dungy. I like Dungy and the Colts. I also realized I didn't hear his whole quote so my post was actually done in haste as many are. Just want to clear up the record. I support the police and Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

bogfrog said...

I don't know if bloggers want feedback, or only ego-stroking compliments. My impression is that anything "out there" invites attention and a response. No?

The previous post didn't read as anti-Dungy, but as skeptical of Dungy's expression of faith. My question is whether the blogger has bottled-up feelings about Christianity to explore -- it runs as a thread through these posts. Again, I'm not your psychologist, but when you put these things "out there," I am drawn to the conclusion that you're inviting feedback (including the controversial type).

Prince of Petworth said...


Feedback is not only gratefully accepted it is encouraged.

Well, you said "Echoes of your anti-Dungy post." Then you said "The previous post didn't read as anti-Dungy" so that leaves me a little confused.

I fear that you may jump to a conclusion to quickly, the "thread" you mention is two postings out of over 150 so not sure exactly how strong "thread" is. I understand that the written word is recieved much differently than the spoken word, so I don't mean to be offensive. In fact in this post I was simply being humorous. Or trying anyway. I fear people are jumping to conculsion that I hate the police and have issues with Christianity. It couldn't be further from the truth. One of my best friends is a Christian cop. Ok you see that was a joke.

Anyway I really do appreciate your feedback and hope this clears things up a bit.


bogfrog said...

this is getting old. Do you agree?

You expressed agreement with Lynn that --"duh" [sic]-- Dungy's national rise as a member of a historically disenfranchised minority trumps his leading a team to victory as a Christian coach. It seems to me that you and Lynn suggested that Dungy used his time on the podium to say something that wasn't quite on target, words that didn't quite ring true. I saw this as a criticism, not of Dungy as a coach or as a person, but of his choice of emphasis.

In our day and age, numerous bloggers confide their impressions of their world to the invisible readership. In an earlier time, these thoughts might have been spoken in confidence. Wider sharing potentially invites several categories of feedback -- not only from the yes-men. I don't want to jump to conclusions either, so no worries on that front. Nonetheless, I stand behind my impression of your two remarks about Christianity. If no one called you on it, you might believe the readers were all in perfect agreement with your view of the world.

Prince of Petworth said...

Yes it is getting old.

Nevertheless, I am stunned that you think a comment about a Christmas tree being left up too long is some sign of an anti-Christian bias.

I am happy for your feedback, even if I disagree with it.

Have a blessed day,