Sunday, February 04, 2007

Coolest house in town?

8th and Varnum, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I often drive by this house and am always blown away. This house is located at 8th and Varnum and is perhaps the coolest looking house I've seen in Petworth. This looks like a house that superheroes may live in, or at the least some very cool cats. Check out the wrap around porch with swinging chair. Also the colors are wicked sweet, not sure if it comes out in the picture or not. If you have seen other cool houses in town let me know at so I can capture them too.


ami said...

I'm new here and I was just searching trough all these blogs and... omg that is probably the coolest house in the world.... it looks kinda creepy but interesting. like the kind of house little kids would sneak in to search for ghosts or something ... ;) anyways I really like the pic!

Prince of Petworth said...

Welcome to the neighborhood Ami. Glad you liked the picture. Make sure you check out Domku bar/restaurant as well.

Lisa said...

We saw that house when we were driving around trying to follow that policeman in Petworth! That's such a fabulous, bizarre, gorgeous house!

Anonymous said...

I'm a DC-born native living in Laurel, MD now. Was driving by Grant circle and got interested in the big tree in the middle. Can anyone identify what specific kind it is?? Maybe a Tamarack!! Thanks, Ken Clayton at