Friday, January 19, 2007

Wonkette crosses the line

Forgive me for being overly sensitive and forgive me for posting outside the Petworth realm but I read a disgusting post from Wonkette yesterday afternoon and nobody seems to care but me. Wonkette was writing a post about the possibility of some blogs, that make a certain amount of money and have grassroots political influence, needing to register with Congress. Please read the offensive language from Wonkette below (

"By that definition, Daily Kos would have to register with Congress and
then wear a yellow star or blue hat...Lock him up! Arbeit macht

Since when does being "snarky" allow one to trivialize the Holocaust? What's next a hilarious lynching joke? Maybe they'll follow up with a good rape joke. For those who don't know, Jews were forced to wear Yellow stars by the Nazis before and during the time they were placed in ghettos. Then, at many concentration camps (most famously Auschwitz) the gates would read "arbeit macht frei" which means work makes you free. Which was false hope. Oh yeah, 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Millions of others including homosexuals, political prisoners, gypsies and others were killed as well. Ha, a holocaust joke that is hilarious Wonkette.

The Holocaust is not a joke, not a punchline. First you make it a joke, then it becomes trivialized, then it becomes denied. Ha, ha, ha! That is a good one Wonkette. Wonkette is "snarky" and often funny and certainly quite influential in DC. Therefore, you have the responsibility to be better than that. And apologize.

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