Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where is the outrage?

Last week the Washington Post reports the second in command for homeland security for Prince George's county was involved in a shooting in his home. He shot two furniture movers who were unarmed and they are still in the hospital. I understand that this PG County police officer was involved in other controversy in the past. Now, I ask you, where the hell is the outrage that these two unarmed furniture movers were shot multiple times by a police officer in his home? This is appalling to me. At first the two were held in custody while still in the hospital. I understand that the mainstream media is waiting for the full investigation to come out but come on! This cop shot two unarmed people and I don't hear a peep of protest. I hope when more information comes, there will be a louder protest. Especially because this guy was the #2 officer in charge of homeland security for PG County. I am sickened. I hope more info comes out soon and I hope that the media reports on it because this apparent misuse of power is shocking and sickening. I hate to make this a racial thing but would there be more coverage if the cop was white, or if the movers were white? Where is Rev. Sharpton? I don't care what the color of the shooter or apparent victims are but whenever there is a shooting of unarmed people by a police officer I demand justice.


DJ said...

WTF are you talking about? In the same paragraph you admit that not much info is known, but you've already completely made up your mind that the officer did something wrong. You keep saying "unarmed men." Are you of the belief that an officer can only use deadly force against an "armed" person? if so, what planet are you from? Here on planet earth, especially in the US, that is not the test for lawful use of deadly force. You embarass yourself ignorance. Pleasestop. Secondly, I can't help noticing a consistent anti-law enforcement attitude on your part. It seems cops can't do aything to make you happy. You complain if they are't around, then you complain when you see them. I'd be willing to be a paycheck that the first people you'd call if you had a problem would be the police. And they'd help you even if they knew how you felt. So who's really the problem here?

Unless I feel the need to respond to something you say to this post, consider this my last. And the last time I visit your blog. I came here to get info. on the great neighborhood I live in. I'm sad to see I've got at least one closed-minded whiner as a neighbor.

Prince of Petworth said...


Sorry to see you are so upset. This is America and we have the right to free speech and our opinions. First of all, I am actually quite pro law enforcement. Just like I am quite pro Petworth. I complain about things with the hopes that they will improve. It doesn't mean I don't like/support them. Secondly, even the Washington Post has recently criticized this officer. Thirdly, the "suspects" were released from custody by the police signaling that they did nothing wrong. So I suggest that you slow down with your speed to condemn me. Finally, I am very sorry you won't be reading the blog but that is your perogative. If you just want info, then read Petworth news. I don't say that disrespectfully. The point of this blog is for opinions as well as facts. If you don't agree with my opinion that is ok. This is a forum for debate. I'm sorry you got so upset and needed to be insulting. Calling me a closed-minded neighbor is really quite hurtful. Also, if you stop reading the blog then I will have won, and no one will correct my whining.

DJ said...

Why does my disagreeing with you constitute an infringement on your free speech? Did I say you shouldn't voice your opinion? I did not. I disagreed with you. Why do you to wave the free speech banner? Has nothing to do with my post at all. Frankly, it's a poor way to answer. I figured you'd say something like that, or point out my typos/ grammatical errors. Please, no smokescreens when (or if) you respond to this.

I think any impartial person would read your post and see you've completely jumped to conclusions. You have no idea what happened. I can't think of a greater example of prejudging a situation without having one shred of facts to base it on. That's closed-mindedness. You don't even give the appearence that you'd be even a little open to learning what happened before you condemn the Officer. Is it possible he did aomething wrong? Of Course! That's why, appropriately, there is an investigation EVERY time someone uses deadly force, be it cop or citizen. What do you say we wait to see what the investigation reveals.

In a nutshell, you're basing your condemnation on interpreting the release of the subjects and what the Washington Post says. The Washington Post, like most media, rarely has the full set of facts. Do you always blindly parrot what you read in the newspaper?

You still havent answered my question concerning your repeated "unarmed" comments. You seem to base your "the officer is completely wrong" theory on that absolutely incorrect understanding of law.

I will not be reading your blog anymore. I suspect I won't be the only one. My opinion of your closed-mindedness is not based on this one post by you. It's your theme.

Prince of Petworth said...

Thank you for your comments DJ. I think first of all this is not a paid subscription so I really could care less if you read it or not. I lose nothing. Except for one very angry person. On your way then.