Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you Wonkette

As previously posted I was a little upset at how the folks over at Wonkette joked about the Holocaust. Amazingly they linked to one of my other posts that very same day. I then read a post they did on the home that is selling where the British volunteer for Gov. Mark Warner was killed trying to protect his girlfriend in Georgetown. Well they referred to him as the "British Jew [who]was savagely murdered in the driveway". I thought it came across as a little callous so I was happy to see that today they posted that the house sold but this time referred to the home as " The one where an aspiring British politician had his throat slit in the driveway last July." ( To me that reads much better. They could even have said British Jewish Activist and I wouldn't have cared. But to refer to him as the British Jew sounded a little derogatory. So thank you Wonkette for being a bit more sensitive.

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