Sunday, January 21, 2007

A taste of India at Domku

Domku's Indian Menu this weekend was terrific. The place was packed. And for some reason it had a very strong Park Slope feel to it. I think that is another reason why Petworth is a phenomenal place it has a very strong Brooklyn vibe. Like parts of Brooklyn, based on my experience at Domku, there seems to be a baby explosion in Petworth. Which is nice. Unfortunately the service at Domku still needs a little work. It did take about a half an hour just to get our drinks. So I'd like to echo something that I read in the comments section of Petworth News: Domku should get some bread to put out while people are waiting. Bread, just bread, and maybe a little butter will make all the difference. Having said that, it was still great to see the place packed and the food was delicious. They even had some sweet Indian themed tunes. Gotta love it.


ex- Brooklynite said...

Where are you from, PoP? Brooklyn ain't all it's cracked up to be. Post-Giuliani Brooklyn has a chip-on-the-shoulder "NY is the center of it all, and the midwest and south are wastelands unworthy of comment" swagger that flowed in with the new yuppies and their money. To be liberal, acknowledge at least the existence of conservative thinkers.

Prince of Petworth said...

Bensonhurst. Although I spent many of my formative years in Strong Island, South Shore. Brooklyn of course has its pros and cons like any big city. I was referring to the flavor of Park Slope, Caroll Gardens, Boerum Hill. I believe New York has always felt that it was the center of it all. In many ways it is. But DC is fantastic in its own right.