Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Petworth getting major props from the Post

So I went to the "dc bloggers summit" put on by the Washington Post. I wish someone took off their shoe and slammed it on the table because I'm afraid to admit it wasn't very exciting. However, to inflate my ego a little, I actually sat down at a table with a guy who actually reads Prince of Petworth. But wait more exciting news to come. Mr. Marc Fischer of RawFischer from the Post actually reads the Petworth blogs as well! Jesus, that almost makes up for the fact that there wasn't any liquor at the bar. I had to settle for sparkling water which was actually quite refreshing.


Prince of Petworth said...

Check it out. In today's post Mr. Fischer links to Prince of Petworth.

Scenic Artisan said...

hey it was good to meet you. i've finally bloglined you so i'll read every post.
the bloomingdale blog guy.