Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mexico is going out of business! Where will I get I get my sombrero?

Like many Petworth residents, I extend the neighborhood all the way down 14th Street to Logan Circle. I often like to walk home so I feel a sense of ownership of the neighborhoods from Logan to Petworth. Now I am very sad to report the closing of 100% Mexico located on 14th Street near HR 57. Side note: HR 57 is fantastic so if you haven't checked it out in a while you should. Sorry about that, back to Mexico. I often pass 100% Mexico on my walk home from work and have always wondered - how the hell does this store stay in business? I regret ever thinking that and now feel somewhat responsible. This store featured sombreros, lots of mirrors for some reason, and mostly what my people call tshotkes. Note: that is not how you spell tshotkes. But it basically means knick knacks. I'm going to miss 100% Mexico because it was always fun to look in the window and dream of one day buying that beautiful sombrero. Now fortunately further up 14th Street there are some new very fancy clothing stores. Of course I get all my clothes from my Dad so most clothing stores seem fancy to me. At any rate I am hesitant to admit that they have some very good looking manequines. So I got that going for me. So for now I'll wish a fond farewell to Mexico and wish its owners the best of luck.


Amanda said...

The guy behind the counter when I bought some 30% off glasses the other day said they'll be looking for another spot to reopen. So this may not be the end of 100% Mexico.

And a Spanish tapas restaurant, La Pata Negra, is opening in its place.

Prince of Petworth said...

I'm sad to see Mexico go but I'm glad they are looking for a new spot and I am super siked about a Spanish Tapas restaurant, that sounds terrific!