Sunday, January 14, 2007

Georgia oh Georgia, I've got Georgia Ave on my mind!

The Washington Post has a terrific article today on the proposed and actual development taking place on our very own Georgia Avenue. This is uber exciting news for those who are interested in a Mocha hut, organic grocery stores and sidewalk cafes. The beautiful thing is that this development will not remove "the grits" from Georgia Avenue. We will still have flavor and continue "to be real". All we need to hope for now is a Dunkin Donuts...and maybe some better public schools. I for one am extremely excited about the potential. Are you?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article. But I have to admit, I'm a little bit cynical until I see actual bulldozers on a site. Some of the projects in the article seemed a little too hazy and far-off for me to get TOO worked up.

No matter what, I hope the work at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth metro encourages the owners of that Safeway next door to make some improvements to that sad store. I live literally across the street, but only go there if I have to. It is not an appealing destination.

Golden Silence said...

That Safeway is disgusting. Small, cramped, and smells like pee all the time. For the good stuff I go to the new Giant.

Prince of Petworth said...

Yeah, the Safeway is a real disgrace. Fortunately the Giant if a bit pricey has taken up some of the slack. Plus I'm pretty certain the Yes! Organic Market is a done deal so that will be nice.

Anonymous said...

The interactive portion of this article speaks volumes. I, for one, am excited and optimistic.

Golden Silence said...

PoP: Clip your coupons and use your Bonus Card!

Anonymous said...

That Safeway is much much improved in the last few years. And isn't that a sad statement.

I live directly behind it, and I won't go in there any more. For years they refused to improve it. They built new up at Georgia and Piney Branch, but this one... well, according to higher up Safeways dudes (at a community meeting in the mid 90s):
This store gets robbed too often to be worth putting money into.
People in this neighborhood don't buy fresh food, so we can't keep it in stock.
This store doesn't generate enough money to justify putting in functioning freezers
We're closing this store soon, so we won't be upgrading anything in it.
And a host of other excuses. It all boils down to: this is a black neighborhood, and we won't put money into it.

As soon as the metro opened, they did some major upgrades. Hm. All it took was a little shift in demographics.

I simply won't buy from Safeway at all - it's a corporate problem. Upper management knows about it and condones it.

Christina said...

Wow, I had no idea. (I'm the original "anonymous" above.) I'm new to the neighborhood and I knew there was some "history" with that Safeway, but I didn't know that its current condition could be called "improved" from earlier years.

I was actually going to write Safeway corporate a letter because the few times I would go in there, to get simple stuff like TP, there was this horrible rotting milk/meat smell all. the. time. But, I got distracted, didn't write, and now this particular smell has gone away, to be replaced with the regular low-key putridness.

I, too, go to Giant. And if the organic market is a good option, I'll be there too. I also occasionally ride my bike down to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. All downhill getting there, but all uphill getting back!

dmlaenker said...

The Safeway didn't smelled like pee the last time I was in there, but I have to say the last time I smelled such profound rottenness in a grocery store, it was in a black neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama.

In another Safeway, even. I'll be courteous and pretend to be surprised they don't give a damn.

And to think you can find pretty much anything you're looking for at the "Soviet" Safeway in Dupont now.

bogfrog said...

But lines are so long at the new Super Giant, they ought to call it the Soviet Giant

bogfrog said...

Do the two strip clubs on Georgia Ave (mentioned in the WaPo) cause any problems?

Prince of Petworth said...

I think there has been "trouble" from time to time in front of the strip club. I think there has been the occassional shooting and fights. But hell, it is a strip club that woud probably happen anywhere its located.

Anonymous said...

Someone was murdered in front of the House a couple of years ago as the result of an altercation that happened inside. The club changed its name as a result (it was named something slightly different).

Anonymous said...

Good story, I heard that Cork n Bottle was purchase by a young,local guy that is trying new ideas that is creating a buzz in the retail wine industry.