Sunday, December 17, 2006

The housing boom is dead, long live the housing boom

I couldn't help but notice how few houses sold in Petworth the last few months, as listed on the Petworth News blog. But what I did notice was that the 15 houses all sold in the high $300,000s to high $400,000s. Some even noted that the shell on New Hampshire and Upshur sold for well over $400,000, a shell, now that is crazy. I am however, seeing a lot of houses on the market for a lot longer. So what's the deal: has the housing market crashed, how come the houses that are still selling are going for so much?

In related news, the Kojo Nmandi show on WAMU had an interview last Friday with the head of the Central Mission Shelter that is supposed to be moving to Georgia Avenue in 2009. You can go to WAMU's website and listen. Frankly I didn't find it too interesting but he did mention that it's current location of 14th and R used to be horrible before it arrived so maybe it won't be such a catastrophe.

Stay tuned for Ward 4 Candidate interview Tony Towns coming out tomorrow evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hm, my impression (daytime visits on Saturday mornings) is that the shelter in Logan Circle coexists peacefully with its neighbors. So, why is it moving? Lease expired? What would really be great is a full-service shelter program like N Street Village, which seems to be a net asset.