Friday, November 17, 2006

A touch of music

It seems as though everybody mixes music reviews into their community blogs so what the hell, I'll do the same. I may be a little behind the curve but I just got the old Nouvelle Vague CD and it is phenomenal, ditto Neko Case. Has anyone listened to the new Nouvelle Vague CD?


Bill Crandall said...

No, but I did get the new Who record, Endless Wire, on iTunes. I'm not about to start questioning The Who (just Townshend and Daltrey now) at this point, just click-and-buy. I'm not sure the whole album hangs together but it delivers 5+ bona fide Who songs that certainly make it worth it.

Also local boys Thievery Corporation (et al) have been in heavy rotation with the latest compilation 'ESL Remixed: The 100th Release Of ESL Music'.

Plus rediscovering a lot of old Bob Dylan since my wife bought me 'Modern Times'. And the Lost in Translation soundtrack is nice and atmospheric, like the movie.


Ed Heid said...

Yes, the new Nouvelle Vague CD "Bande a Part" is fantastic and just as much fun as their first album. Also, if you're into atmospheric sounds I highly highly highly recommend the album "Dreams" by The Whitest Boy Alive. I'm sure they've got it on iTunes.