Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prince of Petworth is proud to announce upcoming interviews with Ward 4 City Council Candidates

As such, I will be interviewing all candidates running for City Council in the special election to replace Mayor Fenty. I will not post a word for word transcription but I will post my overall impressions and particularly impressive responses or fresh ideas. (Ed note: I was a reporter for two years covering the Pentagon and US national security issues.) I am not out to embarrass anyone. I simply will give my own personal impressions for you to do with what you wish. At the end of all my interviews I will endorse a candidate who I hope will be the best bet for representing Petworth and all of Ward 4 during these critical years. Pl ease consider this another resource for Petworth residents, no more no less.

I am happy to announce that the first potential candidate to be interviewed will be Mr. Tony Towns. Please email me at princeofpetworth@gmail.com if you or your candidate would like to be interviewed as well.

These special elections are known to have a low voter turnout and generally generate less interest from the mainstream press. This is understandable but as conscientious Petworth residents and voters it is our duty to educate ourselves and vote for whichever candidate we think is best for Petworth.

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