Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buy Anacot Steel!

I have decided to experiment with hair gel this morning as my hair has started to get a bit long. I may have made a mistake. I now look like Gordon Gecko from the movie "Wall Street" circa mid-80s.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Borsht in Petworth

I cannot express how weird it is to eat borsht in Petworth but like a Beck song it is a little twisted but mostly very, very cool.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernake says the economy is doing well but the housing market is slumping. My question to you is - how will this affect my eating borsht in Petworth? Is the housing market slump good or bad for Domku? Like many I think housing prices in Petworth have gotten a bit ridiculous. I was excited at first but then realized quickly that property taxes can get brutal. I digress, I just want to make sure we can all continue to eat Borsht in Petworth. Will Petworth residents continue to support Domku strongly enough for it to survive?

Thank you officer

As is the theme in the Prince of Petworth, I absolutely do not advocate doing as I do. So as I have mentioned, my walks home from the metro are sometimes less than pleasant. As such I have taken to preparing myself for my walk home with a little bit of protection and I don't mean the trojan kind. So from time to time I carry a little something in my back pocket not really so much for defense but psychologically it makes me feel a bit better.

So I was going to a metro stop on the green line with my defense in my back pocket listening to the ipod and feeling good. So of course I'm waiting 12 minutes for the metro to come and I'm oblivious to the world around me. Well, a metro cop walks right up to me and asks if he can talk to me. Of course being the good law abiding citizen that I am, I oblige the officer. He asks me "are you off duty?". Hmm, I'm thinking I had jury duty once but I have no idea what he is talking about, so I stutter what!? He quickly realizes I'm not a cop which is pretty apt as I look more like an insurance agent. At any rate he says "you know I could arrest you for that in your back pocket". I say, very innocently, I did not know that. I ask the officer if he would like me to put it in my back pack? He replies no it's cool just cover it with your shirt - have a good day.

Now, of course I am grateful to the officer for not arresting me but it does make me wonder how much discretion these guys have enforcing the law. Anyway, I shan't look a gift horse in the mouth. The moral of the story: The Prince of Petworth is one lucky bastard.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Zen of carwashing

Now like anyone I appreciate a clean car but I have to be honest, I don't really understand obsessive car washing. Is it just an excuse to get out of the house? Is car washing the golf of Petworth? True story: scene - about three years ago when that hurricane hit us, I had to walk my dog because my dog was a very particular dog and understandably (as has been posted below) when you gotta go you gotta go. So I take my dog for a walk and the wind is howling, the rain is pouring and I'm thinking to myself, why the hell did I get a dog? At any rate as I'm congratulating my dog for taking car of business and tree branches are littering the street, I see a guy washing his car. During the hurricane he is washing his car? What the hell is that? I mean, won't the 65 mph winds and driving rain clean the car anyway?

Well, as I always say I don't like to judge. And I of course appreciate the gleaming cars I see on my walk to the metro. So to answer the question about obsessive carwashing - who cares! What ever works for you. I'm sure people would question my obsessive ping pong playing. So cheers to all the clean cars and please forgive my dirty Honda - I'm just waiting for the next hurricane to show my solidarity.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

God Bless Domku

Say what you will about the service but Domku has been an incredible addition to the flavor and feel of Petworth. The owner of Domku deserves huge credit in taking ownership and pride of the once beautiful, once sketchy, and now starting to become beautiful again Upshur street corridor. I just read the post in Petworth News about the possible addition of a Farmer's Market Saturday mornings. I am near tears I am so happy. This kind of development is exactly what makes me so proud to be a Petworth resident. We'll finally get farm fresh eggs! Wonderful news and my gratitude to all the folks behind this effort.

Tip of the day: Say hello to folks as you pass them on your walks, it brings a smile to their faces and helps foster the community feel that is so strong in Petworth.

Is night time the right time?

The age old question: Do I walk home from the metro or take a cab? Now, as I've mentioned previously I am a cityboy from New York and as such was raised in a way, well, actually to be paranoid. Now I come home from the metro especially when it has gotten dark and I wonder to myself - Am I going to get mugged today? I know this is crazy but I guess I read the metro section of the Post too frequently. Well, I see young ladies walking home alone and I wonder to myself are they crazy? Do they know something I don't know? So the question is: What is the cut off time for walking home from the metro? 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, later? What are your thoughts.

Also, for those runners out there: how comfortable do you feel jogging around the neighborhood? Do you always run with a partner?

Stay tuned for Ward 4 Candidate interviews which should begin posting next week.

And most importantly have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prince of Petworth is proud to announce upcoming interviews with Ward 4 City Council Candidates

As such, I will be interviewing all candidates running for City Council in the special election to replace Mayor Fenty. I will not post a word for word transcription but I will post my overall impressions and particularly impressive responses or fresh ideas. (Ed note: I was a reporter for two years covering the Pentagon and US national security issues.) I am not out to embarrass anyone. I simply will give my own personal impressions for you to do with what you wish. At the end of all my interviews I will endorse a candidate who I hope will be the best bet for representing Petworth and all of Ward 4 during these critical years. Pl ease consider this another resource for Petworth residents, no more no less.

I am happy to announce that the first potential candidate to be interviewed will be Mr. Tony Towns. Please email me at if you or your candidate would like to be interviewed as well.

These special elections are known to have a low voter turnout and generally generate less interest from the mainstream press. This is understandable but as conscientious Petworth residents and voters it is our duty to educate ourselves and vote for whichever candidate we think is best for Petworth.

Tree or Trash

I realize the past few posts have been a bit negative. As I was walking home past all the garbage on the street I was already crafting an angry diatribe. But just then, I passed the new trees that were planted in the park on New Hampshire and Taylor and a huge smile crossed my face. Sure the trees are small, and they don't have any leaves but if you close your eyes you can imagine how beautiful they will look. That is the beauty of Petworth, there is always something to smile about. The trees are a great start and hold so much promise. Another thing I love is when the neighborhood kids call me Mr. Prince instead of just Prince. These kids can be so polite, just like seeing the trees, whenever one of the kids calls me Mr. Prince I smile and know that there is hope for our future.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

When you gotta go, I guess you really gotta go

I'm afraid I have some disappointing news to report from the Petworth front. I was walking home from the metro last week going north on New Hampshire Ave and I see this gentleman standing next to a wall in front of one of the rowhouses. Well, nothing wrong with that expect I notice he is taking a leak against the wall. Now I should mention it was like 6:30 at night and only a few houses down from the church. Ok that is pretty bad but then I see that he walks right into one of the rowhouses next to the church. Now what the hell is up with that? Are there no bathrooms in that house? I mean for real, this is one of the little things that is infuriating. Why piss right on the street, when you either live right there or are visiting someone right there? This guy was not homeless either. He was probably in his 50s fairly well dressed. I just can't for the life of me understand it. Can anyone help me understand this?

Curse of the ipod?

So here is an interesting dilemma I'm facing: I don't know if I should put the Nouvelle Vague disk on the ipod. This is a very new problem. I am a huge fan of the ipod and it makes the metro ride a breeze but I'm finding that I'm burning out quickly to new music. When I used to buy a new cd, the freshness would last for months. Now with the convenience of the ipod I find that I lose the freshness within the week unless it is one my absolute favorites like Dylan or the Drive by Truckers. With the ipod I either listen too frequently or I am starting to get overwhelmed by choice. Anyone else facing this issues?

Friday, November 17, 2006

A touch of music

It seems as though everybody mixes music reviews into their community blogs so what the hell, I'll do the same. I may be a little behind the curve but I just got the old Nouvelle Vague CD and it is phenomenal, ditto Neko Case. Has anyone listened to the new Nouvelle Vague CD?

Crazy White Boy

Every Spring I like to throw a little party to celebrate the joys of, well, Spring. Well as often is the case the first one is always the best. A buddy of mine who is quite tough, army - few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan already, had never been to my house before and got a bit lost on his way over. So he is roaming all over the street I live on and he encounters some of our hmm let's say "entrepreneurs". Well they swarm around like bees to honey and he simply says do you know where the party is? And without hesitating they reply "oh, you're looking for the crazy white boy's party, it's right up there on your left." Beautiful. I don't quite know how I got that reputation in only three months but I'll take it!

Thanks to Petworth News

Petworth News is a phenomenal site and has been gracious enough to post a link to the Prince of Petworth. Many thanks!

Can I get a latte with that?

A very large pitbull roaming without a leash just attacked a lovely dog on a leash and that dog and its owner are now seeking shelter at the Columbia Heights coffee house. This is another joy of living in the Columbia Heights/Petworth area, the damn dogs that roam without leashes. To be honest it is not a very large problem but those few times it does happen is quite startling to witness. Remind me to tell you about my old dog Padre if your interested.

What the hell is that noise?

In the Summer, I like to leave my window open to hear the crickets chirping and enjoy the Summer breeze. Well on this nice evening at about midnight I hear a zipping sound that just wouldn't stop. It was like zzip, zzip, zzip incessently for about 5 minutes. So of course I scream out my window "shut the hell up!". I am from New York originally so I've retained some boorish behavior. Anyway, suffice it to say the noise doesn't stop. As I have an early flight the next morning I'm getting pretty pissed. So I go downstairs with my trusty New York Yankees souvenir baseball bat to investigate. Well, I open my back door and turn on the flood light and it was like seeing a deer caught in headlights.

By the by I do not recommend doing what I did. Well, that noise was a guy with a hacksaw trying to steal my neighbors bike. I stand about two feel away with the bat cocked and scream what the hell are you doing? Oh, I should mention I'm not very intimidating, I'm about 5'6" on a good day and 135 pounds dripping wet. Anyway, this guy was probably 6 foot easy although he was crouching at that point and I couldn't tell.

So this guy says "no, no, it's my sister's bike". Ha! Beautiful well I scream you better get the fuck out of here. At this point he stands up and I realize confronting him may not have been the smartest of ideas. Well, I was a little drunk and had major liquid muscles going and I continue to tell him to get the fuck out of here. Then he says hold on hold on, let me just call my sister. Then he starts yelling Julie, Julie or something like that and bolts like the wind.

This guy could of crushed me like a bug but I was rewarded the next day when one of the longtime residents said I did the right thing by looking out. I don't know about that but the bicycle was saved!

What is this?

Prince of Petworth captures the absurdity of life in Petworth and life in general.

A bit about me, I've lived in DC for almost 10 years, I love Washington and I love Petworth yet I am often baffled but the behaviors I witness and the absurdity all around us. Of course absurdity can be both beautiful and horrible, I will try and capture both.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


A test for the future! Stay tuned.